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The Froet Drain ® -- Froet Industries, LLC., America's most innovative roof drain manufacturer, presents the Froet Drain® roof drain, primary and secondary roof drain in one engineered fixture.

The patented Froet Drain ® is an innovative drain product created to solve the dual drain requirement for overflow protection. With both functions designed into one drain it greatly simplifies the roof drainage design.

Our combination drain is designed in such a way that it can more efficiently remove rainwater from roofs than standard drains. The design process started with the goal to design the most advanced roof drainage system. We have strived to create a product to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of both the architect and engineers in one unit.

Our design incorporates the following features:
  • Superior powder coated finish
  • Patented sump design
  • Corrosion-resistant fasteners PLUS Preapplied Anti-Seize on all Drain Ring Bolts
  • Increased clamping ring surface
  • Taller gravel retention
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
Important Information Please Note:
If the overflow system is connecting to the primary system on the horizontal the pickup must be in an elevated pipe section to prevent a false signal from water backing up the overflow pipe from the primary pipe.
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Froet Flow Sensor 6000

Flow Sensor
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Froet Flow Sensor 7000

Flow Sensor
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The Froet Flow Sensor is designed to notify the building maintenance staff whenever there is flow in the overflow drainage system, typically an indication of either a primary drainage system blockage or the inability of the primary system to adequately handle the water load on the roof.

The multiple sensor positions of the in-pipe pickups provide alerts for both low and high flow conditions. Any registered flow level remains present until manually cleared, ensuring that the drainage system is not only monitored around the clock, but that no one needs to be present to witness the event. The information provided by the Froet Flow Sensor System alerts the owner to the maintenance needs of the drainage system, possibly avoiding a catastrophic structural failure.

The flow sensor pick-up is supplied in a 6 inch long section of pipe to be installed by either no-hub gaskets, or gluing the PVC section into a horizontal run of the overflow drainage line. The sensor should not be installed closer than 4 pipe diameters to an upstream elbow. The signal is sent to the control unit via a low voltage 12V signal (wiring not included). Power is supplied to the unit from a 120 volt to 12 volt plug in transformer, included with the sensor. There is also an option for a battery back up to power the unit in case of a power failure.


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InformationDear Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, Wholesalers, Contractors and Manufacturer Representatives,

It has come to our attention that there is a rumor going around in the industry that our patent is no longer in force. That is totally false .Our patent is and will continue to be in force until November 6th, 2021. The installation of a product that infringes on our patent could present a liability issue to any entity involved in the sale or use of said product. We have made a PDF copy of our patent available for any one 's use to determine if a given product may or may not infringe on our patent.
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