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Froet Warranty

Competition in the roof drain industry has created a smaller and more lightly casted roof drain. Now while much of the change in manufacturing processes and designs has been good, this has not. Roof drains are replaced so often at the first reroof of a building that many architects are beginning to include drain replacement in their specification to avoid additions to the contracts. This item alone adds between $1000.00 to $3000.00 of cost per drain to the building owners cost of a reroof, which happens every 10 to 20 Years.

Froet Industries LLC has seen this trend coming for many years. That is the main reason we decided from the very beginning that our drain was going to be different. Our sump is the heaviest and most durable in the industry. We are so confident in our product that we have now stepped out in front, in the industry and will now be offering a 25 year warranty on our cast iron roof drain parts. This warranty will come in two versions. There will be a 25 year product replacement or a 25 year product replacement and installation (fee required for installation warranty). To receive either of these warranties the warranty application will need to be filled out and submitted to register the products. An inspection (By Froet Personnel) of the inital installation is required for the installation warranty. If the 25 year warranties are not applied for, our standard 1 year warranty will apply to the products. The warranty application is below along with sample warranties.

Click here to view Warranty Application Form in printable PDF Format

Sample 25 year product warranty

Sample 25 year product and installation
$52.00 dollar per drain charge for installation warranty

Froet On-Line Warranty Application Form

Your Full Name

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Please Check One:

Replacement Warranty - 25 Year Cast Iron Drain Parts (no cost requires registration)

Installation Warranty - 25 Year Cast Iron Drain Parts (per drain charge of $52.00)

Drain installation date

Project Completion

Type of roofing system and Manufacturer

Type of deck

Manner of installation (clamped to deck, poured in place, etc.)

Project Architect

Project Engineer

Drain Size and model and quantity per size and model (or attach invoice)

Drain Quantity Total

TOTAL charge if installation Warranty Quantity

Project name, address, contact, and phone

Building Owner and address if deferent from above

Installing Contractor, name, address and phone number

Any Additional Comments or Information:

Enter This Security Code Below

Warranty application form must include roof plan showing locations of drains and marked with sizes and model number. One clear picture showing one drain complete with drain ring bolts installed.

Application can be mailed to Froet Industries, LLC, and 1741 Industrial Drive, Sterling, Illinois 61071
E-mailed to

Warranty will not be valid until all monies due Froet Industries LLC are paid in full for this project.

Warranty fees, if due will be paid at time of application.

InformationDear Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, Wholesalers, Contractors and Manufacturer Representatives,

It has come to our attention that there is a rumor going around in the industry that our patent is no longer in force. That is totally false .Our patent is and will continue to be in force until November 6th, 2021. The installation of a product that infringes on our patent could present a liability issue to any entity involved in the sale or use of said product. We have made a PDF copy of our patent available for any one 's use to determine if a given product may or may not infringe on our patent.
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